La princesse Margarita de Bourbon-Parme dans les coulisses de la manufacture Royal Delft

“North and south flow through my veins. Inevitably my gaze goes in different directions”

Princes Margarita Bourbon-Parma behind the scenes at the Royal Delft factory during an interview with the French royal magazine Point de Bue.

Interview in the Telegraaf: ‘Princess in shining armor’

“Entrepreneurship attracts me. I wish I was as good as Bernhard and Maurits, they are even more entrepreneurs. ”

On Rolls with Emiel Podcast

“In Emiel’s Podcast, he talks to HRH Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme during a car ride in his Rolls Royce. Margarita as a pony girl and, among other things, as the founder of the Horse Connects foundation. Together they get lost near Scheveningen.”

Beau Monde – ‘This is what Princess Irene’s eldest daughter looks like now’

“For example, actress Anna Drijver wore earrings from De Parme Design during an event.”

An online article in the Beau Monde that pays attention to the jewelery brand De Parme Design. In the photo Princess Margarita and Princess Irene during the Tree Day in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Princess Margarita learned a lot from horse handling

“You learn to build trust with horses, but also to be given and take responsibility. You have to be disciplined, because whether the weather is nice or cold, you have to get there.”

Following the interview that Princess Margarita gave at WNL on Sunday with Rick Nieman, the Vorsten magazine wrote an online article.

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