Some classics from the Leaves© collection by De Parme Design. Each jewel has its origin in nature and is based on the leaf of the beech tree. It is a graphic representation of the interpretation of a leaf translated into a jewel. The patterns of the leaves and branches in the forest are a continued fascination. Rose gold with white diamonds is a combination that always works well, be it for a special occasion or, casually worn. It is also easy to combine with other jewellery.

“Trees are the oldest living organisms. They link us to the past, present and future.” – Sir David Attenborough

De Parme Design embodies a brand that combines luxury, sustainability and social responsibility, with each design narrating a tale of profound connection to nature and contributing towards the restoration of our planet.

princess Margarita has become patroness of Trees for All, to express this connection through sharing its mission to motivate more people to engage in nature restoration efforts.

As De Parme Design expands within Europe, it will also support Trees for All projects in these countries, starting with the Netherlands and Spain. This initiative conveys the message that by creating unique, sustainable jewellery, inspired by the breathtaking and power of nature, De Parme Design contributes to reforestation projects. Wearers of De Parme jewellery thus become part of our journey towards a brighter future.

H.R.H Margarita princess de Bourbon de Parme

These beautiful white gold earrings set with diamonds, symbolise two small leaves of the beech tree. The earrings can be worn every day or at a festive occasion. Absolute eye-catchers.