About the Designer

From an early age, designer HRH Princess Margarita Bourbon de Parme has had a great admiration for jewellery. Because of her origin she comes into contact with the most beautiful jewels from, among others, the Royal House, each jewel tells a special story. It is therefore in her early childhood where her fascination for jewellery, craft and design arose and she began to delve into designing and producing jewels at a later age.

How it started
After designing an ocher yellow silk and wool cloth in collaboration with ICE International in 2012 (with a graphic interpretation of the silhouette of the branches of the beech bomb), she got the hang of it and called a jeweler friend. The idea is to design 1 jewel, the rose gold pavé set ring with white diamonds. This one design grows into an entire collection, namely the LEAVES© collection.

About the designer
HRH Princess Margarita Bourbon de Parme likes to use new materials and graphic forms, inspired by nature. Her family tree has both a Southern European (Italy, Spain) and a Northern European branch (France, Germany). In her designs she unites these cultural differences by means of the intense emotions on the one hand, and the penchant for sobriety, clear lines and the simplicity of the lines on the other.

De Parme Design – Inspired by Nature
De Parme Design was founded in 2014 by HRH Princess Margarita Bourbon de Parme. From De Parme Design, the Princess designs jewellery, interior objects and fusion pieces. She gets her inspiration from nature. With De Parme Design she combines different materials and always integrates a graphic interpretation of nature in her designs.